Unlacing the Heart | Connecting with what really matters

Unlacing the heart is more than the title of my book.  It is a metaphor for something much deeper.  Something that is potentially transformative in the life of every human being.

Something that we all search for yet often feel is “just beyond our reach”.

For me, the unlacing of our heart is what we experience in those small precious moments when we take down our walls and allow ourselves to authentically and vulnerably connect with another human being–perhaps a close friend, family member or in a surprisingly brief encounter with a total stranger.

Some such moments are experienced in settings that are joyfully breath-taking such as when canoeing with a friend in the boundary waters of Minnesota or hiking with one’s spouse in the mountains of Utah.  Other brief moments of transformation may occur in the midst of confusion and fear such as I so often experienced during my own personal journey with Alfredo, a homeless man I got to know on a street corner in El Salvador or as some of you may have experienced the moment you looked into your elderly mother’s eyes and realized that you would never hear her say “I love you” again.

Whatever the location or exact details of the experience, our most deeply held life stories are never totally lost or forgotten.  Decades later such moments still rest deeply within us; often silent reminders of a transformational connection with another human being that opened our eyes to seeing and experiencing the world through a very different lens.

This website is devoted to sharing and exploring small moments of transformation as reflected in the words of my book and (more importantly) found in the heart of you and other readers.  I invite you to join us and share your own story either here through our blog (once it is up and running), as part of a book discussion group, or during a quiet conversation with a family member or friend.

Thank you and welcome!


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